2023 Tax Return in Canada: Calculate Your Tax Returns and Plan for 2024

4More and more Canadians are realizing just how simple it is to file their taxes online with Netfile-certified software. Since 2012, the number of people filing their taxes electronically has grown from 63% to 88% for the 2022 tax-filing season.

In 2020, close to 30 million Canadians filed their returns; roughly 30% of them used Netfile-certified software.

Even if its your first time using an online tax refund calculator, you’ll quickly discover how easy and convenient it is to use FastnEasyTax.com.

Calculate your 2023 Canada Income Tax Return Easily

Our web-based tax filing software is easy to use. And is the perfect way to estimate your 2023 taxes, marginal tax rate, and RRSP savings. It’s written in plain English and takes less than 30 minutes!

Filling out your taxes is easy with our advanced tax software. FastnEasyTax.com works directly with he CRA, which allows us to auto fill parts of your tax return. Plus, it costs just $11.99! If you have a family, it’s only $17.99 for everyone. If you made less than $20,000, it’s free!

With integrated Netfile services, our tax software supports all kinds of Canadian tax returns, including T4 income, RRSPs, donations, medical expenses, investment income, family deductions and more.

Using Your Android or Apple iOS-Based Smartphone

You can file your 2023 tax return using our Netfile-certified online tax software on your personal computer, laptop, tablet, or any mobile device. If you want to use your smartphone, simply download our free app for your Android and iPhone. Now you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

CRA- and Revenu Quebec-certified, our eFile Canadian Tax Return app makes filing your annual taxes a breeze with step-by-step guidance. Just answer a few simple questions, efile your income tax return online to Revenue Canada and Revenu Quebec, and you will get your income tax refund within 10 days.

You don’t need to be an accountant to ensure you’re taking advantage of all of the possible tax credits with FastnEasyTax.com’s mobile tax filing refund calculator. Our app suggest tax credits that you might not otherwise know about.

Estimate Your 2023 Refund and Plan for 2024 with FastnEasyTax.com

Since 2011, tens of thousands of Canadians have turned to FastnEasyTax.com for a convenient and affordable way to file their personal income tax.

Certified by the CRA, we offer a variety of different products: a web application that allows you to submit your tax return online, without the need to download any software and a mobile app (eFile Canadian Tax Return) for all mobile platforms (Android, Apple, and Windows).

To see why so many Canadians love FastnEasyTax.com, visit our website to download our free online tax filing program, or contact us today.