Online Income Tax Return Faq

Looking for a tax refund calculator. You can use our quick income tax calculator to estimate your tax amount based on province and net income without creating an account.

I can't find my NETFILE access code. How do I submit my income tax return?

You can find your access code in last year notice of assessment. If you have an online account with CRA, you can access your notice of assessment online.

If you can’t find your notice of assessment, you can submit your return without access code. It is not mandatory for filing your tax return. 

How do I print a pdf copy of my tax return for reference?

You can download a pdf copy of your income tax return by signing into your account at our web application.

I made a mistake on my tax return and submitted to CRA. How do I correct that?

You can sign into your account, make the changes and use ReFile link in Results tab to submit your amended returns.

I forgot my password. How do I log in?

You can use Forgot Password link on login page to reset your password after answering a security question. You can also use sign in with Facebook or login with Google option to sign into your account in our web application.


 If you still need help with login, please contact us with your date of birth and we will manually reset the password for you.

I filed my tax return. I have not received any confirmation in the email.

Confirmation number is issued immediately on the screen. Please sign into your account and follow the link in Results tab to submit your return and generate the confirmation number.

Your tax return is not received by CRA until you have generated a confirmation number online. 

How do I access my tax return for last year?

You can sign into your account for prior year return and access the tax summary in Results tab. 

What is the tax filing deadline for this tax year?

Tax filing deadline is normally April 30. If Apr 30 falls on a non-working day, then next business day becomes the tax due date.

I sold my principal residence last year. How do I report that on my tax return?

You can report sale of principal residence under “Capital gain/losses from Real Estate” in Income tab. 

I get an error message that I have not entered my address. What do I do?
Please enter your street address under communication detail in General tab to fix this error.
How do I file tax return for previous years such as 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011?

Our program has been Netfile certified for online tax return filing by Canada Revenue Agency since 2011. You can still submit your return online for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. For previous years, you will have to print and mail your tax return to Canada Revenue Agency. Here is the web link for income tax software certified by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for

CRA has not received my tax return. How do I upload my tax file to CRA and get a confirmation number?

There is no need to upload tax file to CRA this year. You can submit tax return to CRA directly using our website. Your tax return is not submitted to CRA until you have received a confirmation number after submitting your tax file. Please follow the steps below to complete your tax filing:

  • Login to your account at or the mobile app and click on Results tab.
  • Click on ‘I am ready to submit my return. Give me confirmation number.’ link.
  • Confirm your acceptance of NETFILE terms by selecting the checkbox at the bottom and click ‘SUBMIT MY RETURN’.
  • CRA will give you a confirmation number after successful file submission. Please make a note of this confirmation number.
  • If you receive any error, contact our support team.



I am getting an error - The information sent to the Canada Revenue Agency doesn't match the information currently on record. What do I do?

Normally, this error is reported by CRA if your date of birth and SIN number do not match with CRA records. Please verify your SIN and date of birth in Profile tab. Format of date of birth is YYYY-MM-DD. If those are ok, then try submitting your return after confirming that you are not filing tax return for the first time.

How do I claim children fitnesss credit and child care expense?

Children fitness and art credit have been discontinued except for Manitoba and Quebec residents. Please follow the steps below to claim children credit and child care expense:

  • Add your child as family member in Profile tab and save.
  • Select your child in top dropdown above profile and click on Deduction tab.
  • Enter child care expense detail and save.
  • To claim children fitness credit, enter the information under Children credit in Credit tab and save.
  • If you receive any error, contact our support team.



How do I claim an eligible dependent?

Please follow the steps below to claim an eligible dependent:

  • Add your dependent as family member in Profile tab and save.
  • Select your dependent in top dropdown above profile and click on General tab.
  • Select dependent credit detail section and opt to claim eligible dependent claim on line 30400, 30450 or 31800 , whichever is applicable.
  • Save the information and now you can go back to your profile by selecting your name in top dropdown.
  • Click on Results tab to verify that you have dependent credit available under Schedule 1 in tax summary.


Which Canadian income tax forms for 2023 are excluded(not supported) by FastnEasyTax?

Fastneasytax software supports all income tax forms in Canada for 2023 online with the exception of following exclusions:

  • Does not support tax return for Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut;
  • Does not support return which incorporate AgriStability/AgriInvest programs (Forms T1163 and T1273);
  • Does not support return with self-employed business statements;
  • Does not support return with limited partnership including tax shelters;
  • Does not support logging tax credit;
  • Does not support tax return with non capital losses of other years with restricted and prior year farming losses;


Which documents are required to file tax return online in Canada?

You need your income slips (T4,T3,T5 etc.), RRSP deduction slips and expense receipts to claim eligible credit.

How easy is to file tax return for someone who is not familiar with tax forms?
Our step by step online tax filing guide for tax return . Just answer these simple questions (around 40 to 50) and you are all set. If you need any help, we are here. Contact us at support at
How much does it cost to prepare online tax return using FastnEasyTax?

You can prepare Single tax return for $11.99 and Family tax return for $17.99 only. You can generate upto 10 tax return after paying for Family tax return under one account. It does not cost a dime to find out your tax refund. You pay only when you are ready to submit your tax return to CRA. You can submit to Revenue Canada directly from our website.

How can I get a quick estimate on my tax amount?

You can use our income tax calculator to estimate your tax amount for free based on province and net income without creating an account.

How do I file tax return online in Canada?

We have created the fast and easy software program to file Canadian personal income tax return online. Create an account, enter your profile (family information), income, deduction and credit information. Our step-by-step guide with simple questions written in plain English without any tax jargon will help you complete your personal tax return in no time. You do not have to pay until you are ready to submit your tax return to Revenue Canada. With our integrated NETFILE service, you can submit it directly to CRA from our website.

I have paid tax in India and Canada on employment income. How do I claim foreign tax credit?

Enter your India income and income tax paid under Foreign employment income. Program will calculate foreign tax credit on T2209 and Provincial tax credit on T2036.

Will I get income tax back if I don't work but have 1 child in canada?

It depends if you had any other income and income tax was withheld at source. If you had no income, you may be able to get some refundable tax credit. For accurate results, you should try out our online tax return for free.

What tax do I pay on tip income?

Tip income is considered as other employment income and reported on line 104. Regular income tax rate applies to tip income.

As seniors moving to Alberta, can we use moving expenses for income tax?

You can claim your moving expense to reduce your taxable income upto the amount of net eligible income you earned at new location either from employment or self-employment. If you have no eligible income, you can carry forward for moving expense to next year and claim it against next year eligible income.

Can I claim tuition to offset capital gains in Canada?

Tuition amount gives you non-refundable tax credit. If you have only capital gains as taxable income, your non-refundable tax credit for tuition may be able to offset capital gains. To find out, create your account for free, enter your capital gains under Income and enter tuition under Credit. Our income tax summary will show you if tuition credit can offset the capital gains or not.

How do I claim professional dues for previous years in Canada?

You can claim professional dues for previous years by submitting a request to change your return. Check out CRA site.

How can I do my Canadian income tax return on my ipad?

Starting 2013 tax year, you can submit your tax return directly from ipad without downloading any tax file using our online tax program or Ipad app. Once you have completed your profile with income details and ready to file, just click ‘submit to CRA’ on final summary page and your tax return will be passed to CRA.

Can one deduct children on canadian federal tax?

You can claim Canada caregiver amount of $2,350 for children under 18 years with mental or physical impairment. If you supported your child as an eligible dependent and are not claiming spousal amount, you can also claim dependent amount for the child. Both of these are non-refundable tax credits and reduce your tax amount and increases your tax refund.

I had paid $100 in Ontario student loans interest in 2023 but I don't know how to add it on your site.

You can enter ‘Student loan interest’ in Credit tab under ‘Common credits’.

I don't see where I can claim my Rent, Metropasses and Tuition?

Tax credit for Metropasses has been discontinued for everyone except seniors in Ontarion over 65. You can claim it under ‘common federal credits’ in Credit tab. You can enter tuition amount under ‘Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts’ in Credit tab. You can enter rent information in Credit tab under ‘Rent, property tax, home energy paid for a principal residence or long term care home’.

I have several medical expenses to claim and I do not know how to enter the information in the limited fields.

We need only the expense amount and a brief description to claim tax credit for medical expenses. You can consolidate all medical expenses and enter as one line. You need to keep the receipt with you if CRA asks for review later.

I have several expenses to claim non of which are on the drop down menu for medical.

Select ‘Others’ in the dropdown menu if it does not match with the listed expense.

Where do I file for the OEPTC?

You can opt to apply for OEPTC under ‘ON-BEN Trillium benefits’ in Credit tab.

There in no column of 30400 for Eligible dependent amount.

To claim an eligible dependent amount on line 30400 of schedule 1, you will need to select the dependent in my account panel and opt to claim the dependent as an eligible dependent under ‘Dependent credit detail’ in General tab.

Where do I report my Tax-Free Saving Account (TFSA) contribution on my tax return?

You do not have to report your TFSA contribution on tax return.

My 2023 Notice of Assessment says that their records show that my unused contribution limit for TFSA is $5,000. I used it. There must be somewhere I report.

Financial institutions, where you make your contribution to TFSA, track and report your TFSA contribution to CRA. You do not have to report anything on your tax return.

My wife had the open work permit in year 2023 (valid from Jan till Oct 2023), however she did not work anywhere in that period and thus no income was earned by her. Do I need to still include her in my tax return?

Yes. CRA requires income details of your spouse or common-law-partner to claim certain credits even if income is zero. You do have to file a tax return for your spouse or common-law-partner if you want to claim any children benefits. You can select ‘Single tax file’ while making payment for your tax return.

Should I enter anything from my Mortgage Statement on my tax return - Mortgage Interest?

No, mortgage interest is not tax deductible in Canada. You do not have to enter anything from your mortgage statement. If you have borrowed money to make investment, you can claim interest expense on borrowed money as investment expense and enter it in deduction tab.

I received some salary in India while I was working here in Canada. I have reported that in the Foreign Employment Income section. Kindly let me know if I need to select any of the credits for this income?

You should select ‘Foreign tax credit’ as you have earned those income in India while working in Canada. Overseas employment tax credit applies if you were working outside Canada and received your foreign income there.

In filling out my Canada income tax form, I did not see a place for the ON428 form.

There is no direct data entry form for ON428. You need to enter tax credit details specific to Ontario in credit tab and program will generate ON428 for you.

I cannot download my tax file. It says fix the error message related to my tax return. What is the error and how to fix it?
Your error message is displayed above your income tax summary on Results tab. You can’t generate a valid tax file until you have fixed the error. Contact us with the error message displayed on Results tab if need help in fixing the error.
Will I have to save to a file on my computer or does it go directly to file with Canada Revenue?
There is no need to download any file this year. You can directly submit your tax return to CRA from our website. Follow the steps mentioned here.
I have paid for my income tax. Do I now send my paperwork into revenue canada along with my receipt from you that I printed off proving I did my taxes through you?
No, you don’t need to submit the receipt from our website. You can directly submit your tax return to CRA from our website. Follow the steps mentioned here. If you are sending a paper copy, send all the printed pages to CRA along with various receipts for income and expenses.
I have downloaded both pdf files provided. Has this information been downloaded to the Taxation Centre at this point and will I receive confirmation of their receipt of the file?
If you did not receive a confirmation number, then your tax filing is not complete. There is no need to download any file this year. You can directly submit your tax return to CRA from our website. Follow the steps mentioned here. If you are sending a paper copy, send all the printed pages to CRA along with various receipts for income and expenses.
Is the entire process of online tax filing for 2023 free from start to finish? Can I prepare the file; generate it and submit it and have everything completed so a return will be deposited into the account and there is no charge for a first time user?
Entire process of online tax filing is free if your family income is less than 20,000. Your banking information is not submitted with Netfile. You need to contact CRA at 1-800-959-8281 to update your banking information for direct deposit of return prior to using NETFILE.
If I have 7 T4 document, do I have to pay more for the service?

No, everyone pays the same price irrespective of how many T4 slips they have.

I became a new resident to Canada in 2023. How can I file my tax return?

Remember to enter your immigration details under general tab and enter all other information as regular taxpayer. As a newcomer, your claim for the amounts on various tax lines such as 30000, 30100, 30300 will be reduced.

How do I claim caregiver tax credit for seniors?

If you supported an eligible dependent in your house, you can claim a set amount per dependant depending on dependant income. You can claim an additional $2,350 if dependant qualifies for family caregiver amount. Provincial credit varies by province. Select the dependent in dropdown in top panel, click on general tab and opt to claim caregiver amount under ‘Dependent Credit Detail’. Eligible dependent for claiming caregiver tax credit on line 30450 and line 58400 is
1) your (or your spouse’s) parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew and 18 years of age or older and dependent on you due to mental or physical impairment. or
2) your (or your spouse’s) parent or grandparent and 65 years of age or older.

How can I calculate income tax refund from my simple T4 for free? or How can I do a quick tax assessment just to see what my return would be?

You can use our quick income tax calculator to estimate your tax amount for free based on province and net income for free without creating an account. You can start for free by creating an account. No payment is required until you are ready to submit your personal income tax return to CRA.

Are tips taxable in Canada?

Yes. Tips are considered as employment income for income tax return and reported on line 104. You can report it in Income tab under Other Income at the bottom.

Can you claim babysitting expenses on your CRA taxes for 2023 tax return?

Yes. Babysitting expenses are considered as child care expense for income tax purpose. You can claim this as long as you paid for someone to look after your child (under 16 years of age in 2023 or with an impairment in physical or mental functions) so one of you could earn income, go to school, or conduct research in 2023. Enter the child care expense after selecting your child in dropdown in top panel and going to Credit tab. It should appear on line 21400 in your tax return summary.

Can I claim school uniforms on my taxes?

No. There is no tax credit or deduction to claim school uniforms on income tax return.

How can I calculate tax return from T4?

It is very easy. Complete your basic information such as name, date of birth and province. Enter your income details from T4 in Income tab under T4 for each box and Results tab will show your income tax refund.

How can I file my tax return without T4?

Complete your basic information such as name, date of birth and province. T4 is for employment income. Our program supports all other kind of income except business and rental income. Enter your income details from other T-Slips in Income tab by selecting the right income category. Results tab will show your income tax refund.

What is line 10100 on tax return notice of assessment?

Line 10100 on tax return represents your employment income from all sources.

How can I get help if I have a question which is not listed here?

Contact us with your question at support at

Can I call CRA to confirm if my tax file has been received?

You don’t need to call CRA. Once you submit your return online, a confirmation number is issued immediately on the screen.

If you want, you can contact CRA at 1-800-959-8281 to find the status of your refund. Your tax filing is not complete until you have received a netfile confirmation number. You can also use ‘notice of assessment’ link in Results tab to confirm that Revenue Canada has received your return.

Can I claim TFSA on ontario income tax return?

No. There is nothing to claim for TFSA on your income tax return.

Can I get an income tax refund with no income in Canada?

You can not get a tax refund. But you may be able to get some tax credit or benefit from government.

On which line number do I claim rent receipts on income tax Canada?

Ontario and Manitoba taxpayers can enter their rent details in Credit tab and program will complete the tax return for them.

Do I need to send paperwork when filing taxes online canada?

No. You do not have to send any paperwork when filing taxes online. However, you should keep all the paperwork with you for at least 7 years. CRA can ask for paperwork any time.

How do I send in T4 when I do taxes online?

When you file your tax return online, our program will ask you for T4 information from each box. T4 information will be sent to CRA as part of online file once you submit your tax return.

How many T4 can be entered for online tax?

There is no limit on number of T4 which can be entered online for a taxpayer.

Where can I go to file my income taxes in canada?

You can file your income tax return online at or you can use Android or Apple app. All you need is your income slips and expense receipts for various tax credits. Create a free account and try your hands on the NETFILE certified free tax filing program.

Where is my taxable income on my T4?

Box 14 on T4 represents your taxable income which is reported on Line 101.

Where do I add my spouse and children for online tax filing?

You need to add your spouse and children as family members in profile tab after you have signed in to your account.