Netfile certified online tax return filing
program for Canadian

What is NETFILE?
NETFILE is electronic tax-filing service provided by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for individual taxpayers to submit their own tax return using internet.
Who can use NETFILE?

NETFILE is available to most Canadians including first time income tax filers and new immigrants. You will need to prepare your tax return file using NETFILE certified software. You do not need to download .tax file for this year and you do not need any Netfile access code for file your tax return online. With our integrated service, you can directly submit your tax return to CRA. You will receive a confirmation number from CRA on successful submission. Your tax filing is not complete until you have received your confirmation number after filing your tax return. For exclusion, please refer to CRA site.

Is FastnEasyTax NETFILE certified for 2019 tax year?

Yes, FastnEasyTax has met the NETFILE certification requirement set by CRA for 2019 tax year. You can file your tax return and submit it online using our program. FastnEasyTax has been certified for NETFILE by Canada Revenue Agency since 2011. To file tax return online for previous years from 2011 to 2018, use the income tax software certified by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


Which tax returns are excluded (not supported) by FastnEasyTax?

Fastneasytax software has the following exclusions:

  • Does not support tax return for Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut;
  • Does not support return which incorporate AgriStability/AgriInvest programs (Forms T1163 and T1273);
  • Does not support return with self-employed business statements;
  • Does not support return with limited partnership including tax shelters;
  • Does not support logging tax credit;
  • Does not support form T1135;
  • Does not support tax return with non capital losses of other years with restricted and prior year farming losses;



How do you get your netfile confirmation number after you have submitted your tax return?

If you submit your tax return using our online tax submission link, you will get your netfile confirmation number immediately after successful submission. In case of any error with your tax return, you will receive the message from CRA appropriately. Remember, your tax return is not submitted to Revenue Canada until you have received your netfile confirmation number.

Is Netfile service free for filing Canadian income tax return?

Yes, CRA provides this free service to all Canadians for submitting their tax return online. However, you can only submit tax return file prepared by Netfile certified software. You can file your tax return in Canada for free if your income is less than $20,000. For income greater than $20,000, we charge a nominal fee of $10.99 to prepare the tax return file for you based on your information.

Do I have to file it myself via netfile or you do it for us? How can I file the tax return via Netfile.

Only taxpayers are allowed to submit their own income tax return using Netfile service in Canada. We can not submit tax return on your behalf. You can directly submit your tax return to Canada Revenue Agency from our website. After signing into your account, follow the link in Results tab to submit your return.

Which information is not submitted as part of Netfile?

You can not change your name, mailing address and direct deposit information while submitting your tax return using netfile service. Ensure that Canada Revenue Agency has updated address and direct deposit information on their record.

I am filing tax return for the first time. Can I use NETFILE?

Yes. Revenue Canada has enabled NETFILE for first time filers.

I was trying to file income tax online and received rejected message due to out of service hours. What do I do?

Netfile service is not available for few hours during the night. You should try to submit your tax file again during normal business hours when Netfile is available.

Important message about direct deposit:

Direct deposit is the fastest way to get your money. It is also convenient, easy, and secure. Don’t delay – sign up today at CRA site