British Columbia Income Tax Calculator

Using a pen and paper to fill out your taxes and having to walk to the post office is a thing of the past. Today, close to 90% of Canadians file their returns electronically; 30% used Netfile-certified software.

Netfile is an online tax-filing service that is provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to individual taxpayers who want to submit their own tax returns using the Internet.

More and more Canadians are turning to’s Netfile-certified advanced tax software. It’s a convenient, fast, easy, and affordable way to file your personal income tax.

Basic Income Tax Calculator for B.C. Residents

It’s easy to find out how much of a tax refund you’ll get or if there’s a balance owed by using our income tax calculator. You just need you to answer a few basic questions: where you live, your income (you can find that on your T4 slip), and any RRSP contributions you’ve made. That’s it! Hit “Submit” and you’ll get an immediate answer.

If you paid more than what you owe in taxes, you’ll probably receive a refund from the Canada Revenue Agency. If you paid less, you may owe a balance. Either way, the tax calculator helps you plan for the 2022 tax season.

Key Features of’s Certified Advanced Tax Software

If you’re interested in getting a more in depth look at your potential tax refund, that includes all eligible tax credits and deductions, use our certified Netfile tax software.

Below are just some of the reason’s why you’ll love our Netfile certified advanced tax software.

Accessible from Your Computer, Smartphone, or Any Mobile Device: You can file your 2022 tax returns using our Netfile-certified tax software on your personal computer, tablet, or any mobile device. If you’re using a smartphone, simply download our free app for your Android and iPhone, and access it anytime from anywhere.

Fast, Easy, and Accurate with Autofill: Filling out your annual tax form can take a lot of time, but not if you use our advanced tax software. works directly with the CRA, which allows us to autofill parts of your tax return. All of the information you enter is automatically saved, which saves you time and reduces filing errors.

No Hidden Charges: For just $11.99, you can use our certified tax software to submit your tax return online to the CRA. Our integrated Netfile service supports all kinds of Canadian tax returns, including T4 income, RRSPs, donations, medical expenses, investment income, family deductions and more.

Free Customer Support: At, we’re with you every step of the way. If you have any questions on how to file your annual tax returns, just contact us. We’re happy to help!

The Latest B.C. Tax Changes to Estimate Your Refund

British Columbia’s provincial tax system is progressive, which means the higher your income, the higher your tax rate. Fortunately, provincial non-refundable tax credits have increased as well, which results in more tax savings for you.

Because the income tax calculator is always up to date, you’re never left searching for the right form or wondering if you’re taking advantage of every possible deduction or credit.’s Income Tax Software: Estimate Your 2022 Refund and Plan for 2023

With, filing your annual taxes is easy, fast, and accurate. Since 2011, tens of thousands of Canadians have turned to for a convenient and affordable way to file their personal income tax.

Certified by the CRA, we offer a variety of different products, our tax programs are easy to understand, the platforms are easy to use, and our customers always get their tax refunds back within 10 days.

To learn more about how can help simplify your personal income tax process, contact us today.